This program was designed to prepare highly qualified professionals and innovative tools to face the technological challenges of today’s world in all fields of life. It has an integral approach that articulates the theoretical part in fundamental topics such as the operation of artificial intelligence systems, databases, programming, machine learning, among others; with the practical dimension of all that knowledge, applied to situations that daily challenge any organization, company or institution.  


Theory and practice come together in this program: you will learn the fundamentals but also develop the practical skills needed to implement intelligent computing systems.
Alfonso Kim
  1. You will receive training support from consultants, entrepreneurs and executives who have forged their careers in recognized industries that use and implement AI to solve many of their day to day problems.
  2. You will develop your knowledge based on a dynamic learning cycle consisting of 200 hours of practice, parallel to the acquisition of the conceptual foundations, through the creation, design or participation in real projects.
  3. You will automatically become a member of a wide network of industry professionals in the Latin American region, whose constant communication for the exchange and transfer of innovations, serves to improve projects or recruit highly qualified people.
At the end of your master's degree:
  1. You will have acquired the technical experience demanded by the labor market to join one of the jobs you have applied for. You will be, without a doubt, the best prepared candidate.
  2. You will have skills in programming, data analysis, application of software tools and problem-solving technologies
  3. Our study model will have prepared you not only to skillfully apply the acquired knowledge, but will have qualified you with the most sought-after skills and abilities in the labor field: teamwork, high performance team management, proactivity, creative thinking for innovation, among others.
  4. You will have an exceptional command of the field you have chosen for your specialization and which is most in demand in the working world: Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Recommender Systems.

This master's degree and its fields of specialization, whatever your choice, will make you a key player in the proper functioning and empowerment of private and public sector companies, regarding the development, design or application of software tools. You can also start your own enterprises, model them and make them grow with all the knowledge acquired.

Academic Program

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    In this area you will learn how to develop intelligent systems that understand written language to determine interesting aspects of the context by analyzing the syntactic and semantic structure of the text. For example: knowing whether a movie review is good or bad, understanding whether a dialogue is friendly or not, understanding which participants have an opinion in common.
    Other applications are: creating chatbots that interpret the customer's needs, detecting plagiarism in literary works, classifying legal documents based on their nature, etc.
In this area you will learn to process images using sophisticated techniques of color, texture and contour analysis to identify interesting elements such as people, cars or animals. Or also detect moving elements in a sequence of images captured by a video camera.

Some high demand applications are the development of augmented reality applications for marketing or video games, conversion of images to text, or search engines for images related to each other.
In this area you will learn how to create algorithms that capture the characteristics of products to develop systems that understand the relationships between users and increase interactions. For example, create systems that can offer products to potential customers, or find the characteristics of the population that will better accept a product or service.

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