Master in Applied Data Science from IEXE Tec transforms students into tomorrow’s leaders, in the most in-demand and fastest growing discipline in the world! Through mentorships provided by experts in the industry and real projects, you will develop analytical skills and learn to use digital techniques and tools to collect, process, interpret and model large volumes of data and incorporate them into business decision-making and / or public policy. In addition to this, you will be able to design algorithms and elaborate an intelligent learning model that will allow you to predict results. This program exposes students to a wide range of issues in statistics, data analysis, business intelligence, and public policy, and will prepare them with hands-on experience in research and development projects. Graduates will have the privilege of pioneering in this field and applying their knowledge in any sector, private or public.


"This Master will allow you to acquire the knowledge that will define the future, your job options will be almost unlimited."
Alfonso Kim

1. You will increase your salary considerably by learning the skills and knowledge with the highest labor demand today, data management and forecasting.

2. You will learn from professors and industry experts who not only teach theory but also share knowledge based on their extensive experience.

3. Our community and applied project-based learning environment leads students to work effectively in groups, articulate ideas, speak in front of audiences and think out of the box.

4. 80% of the classes are focused on useful knowledge for your professional life.

5. You will be able to choose between three areas of specialization: Fintech, Digital Marketing and Geographic Information Systems.

1.You will know how to choose the appropriate computational tools for the collection, extraction, storage, integration and management of massive data.

2.You will describe, associate and classify a data set to find regularities, characteristics and patterns.

3. Not only that, but you will interpret statistical data for problem-solving.

4.Likewise, you will be able to process and manage large volumes of data.

5. You will know how to design algorithms and develop an intelligent learning model that will allow you to predict results.

6.You will be able to calculate the monetary impact of your recommendations.

1. In any technology company on the planet. The most important technology companies in the world love to hire IEXE Tec students.

2. As a Business Intelligence/Business Analyst consulting professional.

3. As a data scientist in any position related to statistics and data analysis.

4.In any public sector position that connects rigorous data analysis and cutting-edge public policy implementation.

5. As an information and logistics analyst in any transportation, logistics, mobility and similar companies.

6. In agencies and marketing departments within companies.

7. In medical laboratories in the development of new drugs.

8. In companies in the financial sector, especially in the Fintech sector (credit, banks, cryptocurrencies and others).

9. As an analyst in the retail, agribusiness or manufacturing industry.

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